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Tripadvisor Hall of Fame Barcelona

Happy New Year 2023 and Thank you!

DayTripsBarcelona enters TripAdvisor’s “Hall of Fame” club. We would like to wish all our amazing guests a very Happy New Year 2023.

In 2019 DayTripsBarcelona.com wa awarded a place in TripAdvisor’s prestigious “Hall of Fame” which we earned after 5 years of achieving TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence” based on our 5 star reviews throughout.

Apparently only 0.004% of all companies worldwide listed on Tripadvisor achieve this, which makes us very proud. Thank you again and we dedicate this award to our many wonderful guests.

The DayTripsBarcelona.com team is looking forward to many more memorable and fun tours in 2024 and to welcoming new guests to Montserrat, Tarrragona, Andorra and many other places near Barcelona.

We are a family business and we promise to look after you like family and friends from pick-up to drop-off. 

You are welcome to browse through our tours on our website DayTripsBarcelona.com and please do contact us if you have any questions.

Best wishes for an adventurous 2024
Carl & Peter

Is Andorra worth visiting on a day tour from Barcelona?

March 2024.
Well, as we happen to offer Andorra day tours and we know how much our guests love them, our reply is that, yes Andorra is absolutely worth a visit even just for a day. If you have time for tours outside the city during your stay in Barcelona, then Andorra is a special experience.

The Principality of Andorra is a tiny nation nestled entirely in the Pyrenees Mountains which is the mountain range that divides France and Spain. Andorra is a high-altitude country and only accessible by road. To visit Andorra from Barcelona is a 3 hour drive each way, so with short breaks, you will be driving for 7 hours of a 12 hour day tour – that’s why we calll it a road trip more than a tour. But it’s still worth it!

The countryside you are driving through is very scenic. You will see mountain peaks and passes, small villages, impressive valleys and more. A day tour starts from Barcelona in Spain with a pick-up at your hotel. Then it crosses the French border to visit a mountain village with hot springs in the main square – and then crosses another national border into Andorra. It’s a real expedition!

Andorra is tiny but it has beauty, a fascinating history, a buzzing capital city and snow in the winter months. Our guide team will look after you and keep you entertained and informed from start to finish.. In the winter Andorra is a popular skiing destination, so from December to April you get to experience snow.

Travel tip for this tour: don’t forget that Andorra is not in the EU or the Schengen zone, so you will need a multiple entry Schengen visa. Travel tip for winter Andorra tours: dress very warmly – you need real winter clothes and footwear!

More information and booking here: Day tour to Andorra from Barcelona.

What is difference between Single-entry or multiple-entry visa for Schengen zone

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Single entry or Multiple entry visa for Schengen

This page explains the difference between single-entry Shengen visa and multiple-entry Schengen visa for visits to Schengen zone countries and non-Schengen countries like Andorra.

At DayTripsBarcelona.com we have a popular tour which visits 3 countries in one day from Barcelona – Andorra day tour. On this day tour our guests travel from Barcelona in Spain to France and then to Andorra and then back to Spain in one day.

Andorra does not have an visa requirements. You only need a passport to enter Andorra. However because Andorra does not have a railway station or airport, the only way to enter Andorra is by crosseing at the French or Spanish border.

Both Spain and France are members of the Schengen zone like all other EU member states. But Andorra is not a member of the EU or Schengen zone.

If you are not an EU or a US citizen you will in all likelihood need a Schengen visa to enter the EU and Spain. Most visitors get a single-entry Schengen visa. The Schengen visa for Spain is issued by Spanish consulates and embassies in your country

On a single-entry Schengen visa without territorial limitations you can travel back and forth within all Schengen countries for 90 days as long as you stay within the Schengen zone. So for 90 days you are welcome to visit all Schengen countries like for rexample France on your single entry Schengen visa.

However, the single entry visa becomes invalid if its holder leaves from the Schengen zone to a country outside of Schengen – like Andorra.  In other words the single entry visa does not officially allow you to leave the Schengen zone and return on the same day – like for example on a day tour to Andorra from Barcelona.

20140306_165641_Richtone(HDR)As mentioned, Andorra is not a Schengen country, so any non EU or non-US passport holder will need a multiple entry Schengen visa.

This is because our 3 countries Day tour to Andorra leaves the Schengen zone when we enter Andorra – and re-enters Schengen zone when the tour leave Andorra later the same day.

On our Day Tours to Andorra from Barcelona, if you only have a single entry Schengen visa, we recommend that you bring your passport, flights tickets and your Barcelona hotel booking reservation, so that the border police can see that  you are just visiting Andorra for the day and also visiting Barcelona.

Officially, the Spanish border police could deny a tourist re-entry to Spain from Andorra with just a single-entry Schengen visa, but border checks are only sporadic, and we have never heard of that happening to any day tour company, and we have never had any problems ourselves on any of our Andorra day tours despite having been stopped sometimes for passport checks.

You can read more about this on the Schengen visa official site here


EU and USA passport holders do not need a multiple Schengen visa to visit Andorra.

Read more about our 3 countries in one day tour from Barcelona and see photos: Click here

About Andorra

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Our blog address is https://www.daytripsbarcelona.com/barcelona/
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Andorra is a principality. It is a landlocked tiny county in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France. It has the highest capital city in Europe, Andorra La Vella which has  an elevation of 1,023 metres / 3,356 feet above sea level It is the sixth smallest nation in Europe with a land area of 468 km2 /181 sq miles. Andorra was created under a charter in 988. The present Principality was formed in 1278 and is a monarchy headed by two co-princes – the Bishop of Urgell and the President of France. So the President of France is also a monarch – the prince of Andorra. Visit Andorra. Book an Andorra day tour from Barcelona