Is Andorra worth visiting on a day tour from Barcelona?

March 2024.
Well, as we happen to offer Andorra day tours and we know how much our guests love them, our reply is that, yes Andorra is absolutely worth a visit even just for a day. If you have time for tours outside the city during your stay in Barcelona, then Andorra is a special experience.

The Principality of Andorra is a tiny nation nestled entirely in the Pyrenees Mountains which is the mountain range that divides France and Spain. Andorra is a high-altitude country and only accessible by road. To visit Andorra from Barcelona is a 3 hour drive each way, so with short breaks, you will be driving for 7 hours of a 12 hour day tour – that’s why we calll it a road trip more than a tour. But it’s still worth it!

The countryside you are driving through is very scenic. You will see mountain peaks and passes, small villages, impressive valleys and more. A day tour starts from Barcelona in Spain with a pick-up at your hotel. Then it crosses the French border to visit a mountain village with hot springs in the main square – and then crosses another national border into Andorra. It’s a real expedition!

Andorra is tiny but it has beauty, a fascinating history, a buzzing capital city and snow in the winter months. Our guide team will look after you and keep you entertained and informed from start to finish.. In the winter Andorra is a popular skiing destination, so from December to April you get to experience snow.

Travel tip for this tour: don’t forget that Andorra is not in the EU or the Schengen zone, so you will need a multiple entry Schengen visa. Travel tip for winter Andorra tours: dress very warmly – you need real winter clothes and footwear!

More information and booking here: Day tour to Andorra from Barcelona.

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